Clearing the Air

I was writing the other day in about someone using my information in an inappropriate and not accurate way, and after searching for some info, here's the news:  I can prove what I said is true.  I will show you with some pictures, and use the blogger's pictures to show how he lied about me.  This took … Continue reading Clearing the Air


It Never Ends

It seems that when you place yourself in the public spectrum talking politics, people who disagree with a position you take will stop at nothing to attempt to defame your character. I have just recently discovered another attempt to slander me. A blogger, who I will keep anonymous for now, has decided to add me … Continue reading It Never Ends

I Am Done!

I am done with the political correctness, blame freedom loving Americans for problems coming from the media and this government! These sick, twisted,  idiots have been trying the "be nice approach" for far too long and it has done nothing but weaken our country as a result. No more calling "man made disasters." No more … Continue reading I Am Done!