33861978_10160524866755381_5833891650530705408_nEarlier today, Kevin McCormick submitted the required signatures to be included on the ballot in Arizona’s 2018 Gubernatorial race. This is in spite of the hurdles placed by the Arizona legislature that made it more difficult for third party candidates to be included. Because of these laws, there has not been a statewide candidate from the Libertarian Party since 2014 in Arizona.

Not only did his campaign meet the threshold, but they actually exceeded the requirement. Arizona state laws required the Libertarian candidate to obtain 3,153 signatures. Mr. McCormick was able to get 4,110.

Kevin McCormick has been actively fighting for this access on the ballot for around six

Kevin McCormick collecting signatures for ballot access.

months, laying in the groundwork of a successful start to a campaign. In a note of positivity he said “We didn’t come this far just to come this far. This is not over; this is only the beginning.”

On top of becoming qualified for the ballot today, Mr. McCormick has also begun to garner some serious attention, including an endorsement from former Governor Bill Weld.

“Kevin has a real plan to move Arizona in a more prosperous direction for everyone,” Weld continued, “and his early successes with the Clean Elections program point to a real three-way race happening right now. I encourage all Arizona voters to take a very close look at his campaign.”

To find out more about the McCormick campaign, head to https://www.mccormickforliberty.com/.


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