(Salt Lake City, Utah) — Upon hearing of the approval to gather signatures allowing the issue of medical cannabis to be on the November 2018 ballot, TRUCE Utah, the patient-advocacy group that educates Utahns on the facts behind medical cannabis, weighed in on the efforts.

“We congratulate the Utah Patients Coalition on getting the go-ahead to gather signatures.” Christine Stenquist, President of TRUCE Utah, expressed, adding, “The level of organization, passion, and resources these volunteers have illustrates to the patients of TRUCE that attitudes among the population are changing.”

TRUCE Utah works within the medical cannabis community as a watchdog for patients and the general public. “We want to make sure things are on the up-and-up, no matter who is taking action and that requires everyone coming together to have a real conversation. TRUCE is that facilitator.” Stenquist affirmed. “We want good laws, we want enforceable laws, but we also want our doctors to be able to recommend the medication they feel we need. In the end, to TRUCE, it’s not about medical cannabis, it’s patients.


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