20708142_270826606735199_1724202974834802613_nToday we had the opportunity to speak with a Libertarian candidate out of Washington, running for City Council in Lacey, Robert Motzer.

MV4F: Let’s start off with the easiest question: why did you choose to run for city council in Lacey?

ROBERT:  I chose to run for Lacey City Council because I didn’t like where I felt our country was heading. After complaining to my wife about stuff going on around the city she told me that I should do something about it. That’s when I started sending emails our to the current Lacey City Councilman asking what position represented my area and requested a meeting over coffee. While all responded saying all positions represent all our citizens only one met me for a cup of coffee. After talking to him, he asked if I ever thought about running for office because our council could use it. After that meeting I was all in.

MV4F One of the key points on your campaign page on Facebook was in regard to a “camping ban” proposed by the current city council. It sounded like this ordinance was intended to target the homeless in your area. What are your proposed solutions you would bring to city council to help address homelessness in Lacey?

The city attorney claimed the camping ordinance did not have anything to do with the homeless population, but with the people camping in our parks and city property. My question is that aimed at? The homeless.
I want to work with our county commissioners and state legislatures to eliminate the zoning laws making it prohibitive to property owners to build affordable housing. It currently costs about $38,000 to build anything before a shovel hits the ground. I would like to work to build tiny homes, mother in law suites, ADU’s (accessory dwelling units), etc. to help ease the rising homeless population.
If we ease the fees and zoning regulations it’ll give property owners their rights back to build and do what they want with their properties. Private contractors that get hired by the property owner to build will be able to hire more workers which in turn reduces homelessness and adds them to the tax base. What I don’t want to see is the city of Lacey to follow the model that the Washington cities of Olympia and Seattle have put forward which is to raise everyone’s taxes as much as possible. It doesn’t work and we need to figure out new solutions.
MV4F: One of the things that really stands out about you on your Facebook is that you are heavily involved in voluntary efforts within the community of Lacey. What drives you to spend the amount of time you do on these projects?
Robert: Growing up in a poor household and raised by a single mother of three, my family growing up had to live off and get support from various organizations like Lutheran social services, Catholic charities, Big Brothers – Big Sisters, and the Salvation Army. I always wanted to give back to my country so I left for the Army 12 days after I graduated high school. Now after serving the country and settling in Lacey, WA, I’ve made it my mission to serve my community.
My wife and I wanted to ensure our children understand that not everything is free, given to you, or needs to be done by the government. We can volunteer time, and through private philanthropy solve problems better than the current government model.
My family and I currently volunteer time and donate money to four different groups, none of which ask for tax dollars. These are: All Parrot Rescue, Pibbles and Paws (dog rescue), Lacey food bank (garden and donate produce), and Crazy Faith Street feeds (feed homeless on Saturday nights).
MV4F: What efforts are your making in your campaign to get out the message that voters should choose you over your opponent?
Robert:  I’m willing to talk to all citizens and all groups. My opponent will not door knock, as he thinks business leaders and billboards are best. I’m more along the line of putting feet to the pavement and going to all the community events, group meetings, and knocking on the door of everyone that will listen.
Whenever I’m out, I talk to people and hand them my campaign business card and my rack card. I encourage them to check out the campaign page and message me if they have any questions or concerns that need to be brought up. Whenever I talk to people, I try to gauge what their principles and beliefs are and then talk to them about my beliefs that relate to them.
I have support/endorsements from all three major parties or groups that align with them (Libertarian, Republican, and Democrat). I am in a non partisan race and I want to make sure people understand I’m not running partisan politics.
MV4F: We deal with Libertarian candidates and activists through this site often. What events led you to becoming a Libertarian?
Robert: I became involved in the Libertarian party in 2016. I was not liking either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, so I started to research other parties. I saw some Gary Johnson signs around and researched his name. That led me to the national party’s page, where I saw how libertarians relate to the left and the right and realized that pretty much fit my beliefs. So, I looked for libertarian groups in my area. I found the Thurston County Libertarian Facebook page and got in contact with our Chair, James Blair, who brought me yard signs for Johnson and invited me to a meeting. Now I’m on the executive committee for our local county chapter.
MV4F: Last question: do you have any other message you would like to say to the voters in Lacey or readers who may want to support you  as to why they should?
 I encourage any citizen of Lacey, or anyone that wants to support me, to check out my campaign Facebook page. If you like what you see and want to support me, I appreciate it. If you want clarification on issues message me. If you’d like to meet for coffee or lunch on the weekends, let’s set it up. I’m running to be your voice and your choice on the Lacey city council and appreciate your vote on November 7th, 2017.



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