In a recent poll, conducted by Dan Jones and Associates in July, 78% of Utah voters polled stated they did not support Senator Orrin Hatch for an 8th term. The  poll also showed Utahns split in their opinion of how Hatch is doing in Congress. Forty-eight percent responded negatively to the job Hatch is doing while 46 percent responded favorably.

With nearly half of all respondents stating they don’t support the job he has been doing, where do Utah voters turn? In the world of two party politics, the answer would be the Democrat nominee, but Utah is more inclined to support free market principles and liberty oriented policy.

The answer in 2018 may very well fall to Libertarian candidate Craig Bowden who was the first candidate to file with the FEC and declare his candidacy for the U.S. Senate.

If Utah is looking for a change, Craig Bowden is the most logical option for Utah voters.

To learn more about Mr. Bowden, go to www.bowden4senate.com, check out his Facebook page, and follow him on Twitter.


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