LP_EagleflameAt Large Representative on the Libertarian National Committee, Sam Goldstein, has proposed that a Candidate Support Committee be established to create criteria that will be in place for candidates to request monetary support from the National Party.

Three recent discussions were had by the LNC during 2017 in regard to assisting candidates other than President. Laura Ebke, a state senator in Nebraska, had a request sent for material support in her bid for reelection. Two special elections, one in Utah and one in Montana, also had asked.

In all three cases, the debate hinged on the fact that there were no guidelines present for what types of campaigns to support. The LNC took a fair amount of time discussing the pros and cons, when a procedure should have been in place. This ate up time on other pressing matters faced nationally.

Thankfully, the Libertarian Party is taking the necessary steps to ensure there is a process in place for future candidates that may make requests for monetary support.

If you would like to encourage the LNC to move on this issue, you can find the contact information for the members at www.lp.org.


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