A newer movement has been spreading around since around 2008. This movement is the Alt-Right. This movement is largely manned by white nationalists and association with these individuals is a surefire way to lose credibility in politics. The Alt-Right has many people who advocate for policies far too authoritarian to be taken lightly and if Libertarians wish to make headway in an electoral sense, it would be best to sever ties immediately with anyone associated with the movement.

The alt-right, a term coined by Richard Spencer, who heads a think tank called the National Policy Institute. The NPI describes a loose set of far-right ideals centered on “white identity” and the preservation of “Western civilization.”

Many in the alt-right movement openly espouse antisemitism in their writings and speech. Blaming the Hebrew people for the “plight of the white man.” Many do not see the difference between someone who adheres to Judaism and those who advocate Zionism, which are entirely different concepts, the latter being a political movement.

Further, some members of the alt-right advocate outright aggression on people of different races. They have especially targeted the Black Lives Matter movement. Instead of recognizing the need for criminal justice reform, especially in impoverished neighborhoods, they place the blame on the race.

Some adherents to the alt-right movement, such as Christopher Cantwell, as shock jock who thankfully left the Libertarian movement, call for outright attacks and violence. Others like Augustis Invictus call for race wars. Most members of the alt-right advocate against immigration, and see the United States as needing to be ethnically white.

But you don’t have to take my word for it:

“Immigration is a kind a proxy war—and maybe a last stand—for White Americans, who are undergoing a painful recognition that, unless dramatic action is taken, their grandchildren will live in a country that is alien and hostile.”

—National Policy Institute column, February 2014

“I oppose the Jewish diaspora in the United States and other white societies. I would like to see the white peoples of the world break the power of the Jewish diaspora and send the Jews to Israel, where they will have to learn how to be a normal nation.”

—Greg Johnson, “White Nationalism & Jewish Nationalism,” August 2011

“The new left doctrine of racial struggle in favor of non-Whites only, a product of decolonization and the defeat of nationalists by egalitarians after WWII, must be repudiated and Whites must be allowed to take their own side in their affairs. A value system that says Whites are not allowed to have collective interests while literally every other identity group can do so and ought to do so is unacceptable.”

—“The Fight for the Alt-Right: The Rising Tide of Ideological Autism Against Big-Tent Supremacy,” The Right Stuff, January 2016

“This is our home and our kith and kin. Borders matter, identity matters, blood matters, libertarians and their capitalism can move to Somalia if they want to live without rules, in the West we must have standards and enforce them. The ‘freedom’ for other races to move freely into white nations is nonexistent. Stay in your own nations, we don’t want you here.”

—Matthew Heimbach, “I Hate Freedom,” Traditionalist Youth Network, July 7, 2013

These are but a few of the many quotes from individuals in the alt-right. As we can see, there is no room for a nation that is for liberty for all mankind with individuals like these.

Both the Southern Poverty Law Center and Ant-Defamation League have classified elements of the alt-right as hate groups, and for understandable reasons. After hearing the things that they say, the policies they wish to enact, there is no overlap for Libertarians and the alt-right.


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