Craig Bowden for U.S. Senate

daysof47Today families all across Utah are celebrating our heritage during Pioneer Days. I’ll never forget my days as a child waking up to meet my family at the JB’s restaurant that used to be in downtown Ogden. We’d have our breakfast then head out to watch the parade head down Washington Boulevard. After the parade, meeting for a picnic up by the Old Saint Ben’s. The evening would complete with fireworks at my grandparent’s house, waving sparklers in the air and trying to write our names with the glow.

I reflect on those days of my youth often. The city and the state have changed much over the last couple decades.

Now I take my own children to the various events my hometown hosts. It is their turn to admire the floats and maybe see the girl or boy they have a crush on marching, riding, or waving in the…

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