the-10-best-country-songs-about-betrayalI have been involved in the libertarian movement for a number of years now, but recently, I have to wonder whether or not other members are going to truly step up and be for liberty or not. Recent events have me questioning if the people claiming they are about advancing liberty truly want to help achieve freedom in their life time, or if they are just in things because it’s a popular thing to say now.

I have commented on a couple of threads from recent events, but figured I would air my grievances in one article about the rot festering within the libertarian movement.

The first incident involved an activist from Texas, who nearly 20 years ago worked in a few adult films. Due to an online disagreement, another libertarian (term used loosely) evidently took this information learned and took it to her employer out of “concern” for children.

Seriously? This is beyond repugnant coming from someone who claims to be against authoritarianism, as they have now dictated what is deemed acceptable, and they did this with the intent to cause harm to another person. I have extreme issues with this coming from someone who claims to be in a movement for liberty.

In the first case against the reporting individual, who cares what she does in her own time? Who cares if she was doing videos currently? If she would have been voluntarily using her body for the entertainment of others, what business is that of yours? She is a free individual, is she not?

However, it gets worse. See, this activist who worked in these films was coerced into doing them by her significant other. After she managed to get away from that life, she went on to go to school, get an education, and become a very successful and impactful teacher in children’s lives. She is clearly not who was portrayed on the television screen. She is not in that lifestyle, so why does it matter what happened 16 years ago?

Another incident involving disagreements is when the Libertarian Chairman Nick Sawarck made a statement that he disagreed with a position of former Congressman Ron Paul. One individual became so outraged over the incident, that he released a private conversation between himself and Nick in order to expose ***gasp*** the use of recreational drugs.

Now color me shocked, but last I checked, the Libertarian Party actually advocates for personal choice in such matters. So why is it that another individual tries spreading a conversation around to others in regards to this, when we advocate its legality?

Both of these incidents have shown just how ugly people are. It shows there are some people who only pay lip service to what liberty means. Sadly, I think that there are many who are totally fine hurting others to get their way.

Politics is an ugly business, but you aren’t supposed to be stabbed in the back by those who are considered allies in our cause. When you take the knife and drive it into another person’s back, you are committing an aggression that is not necessary and shows you for the true colors you harbor inside. You are no better than a Democrat or Republican in dictating your own stance when you partake in actions like these.

If you are so thin skinned that a relatively minor difference in opinion pushes you over the edge to intentionally cause another person harm, you need to get out of this world. Either you are for liberty or you are not. If you are going to backstab someone over a minor disagreement, you do nothing more than dam our cause. In a time where the world needs adults to step forward, you are acting like petulant children. It’s disgusting.


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