Election2016The Libertarian Party is more popular than ever this year, as people across the nation are starting to realize both parties have continued to burden future generations with more debt, we continue to send men and women to wars we don’t belong in, civil liberties are attacked, and cronyism runs rampant.

However, in my observation, we are not seizing the real advantage this year. It is beyond amazing that we have our top ticket performing so well this year. I am doing my part on my outlets showcasing Gary Johnson too. The problem is that with the momentum in our favor, we continue to focus at the top ticket, instead of bringing to light the great candidates who are running down ballot.

The fact is that we need to get people associating what they are seeing with Governor Johnson with the candidates who are running locally. We need state legislators, Congressmen, Senators, Mayors, etc. to build up a base to run for higher office in the future. I fear we are hoping that this will just occur naturally, and people will just find out about those candidates. If we put all our eggs into one basket, and the basket falls, our eggs will break and we will lose out on this chance.

Evidence is already showing that we are losing our greatest chance in history.

In one such instance, Lily Williams, U.S. Senate candidate from Colorado, fell .02% short of being included in the debates in her state. Imagine if we had put the same amount of volunteer work and donations that we are putting into the Johnson campaign for Mrs. Williams? She would be on that stage for sure.

Another example is that from my last time looking at FEC reports, only two candidates have even raised more than $5,000 in their campaigns. We need to be supporting those candidates so they have a chance of winning and being heard. If you would like to see the list of federal candidates you can go to http://www.5n1plan.com and see who is running to represent you. You should also go to your state or county’s election page to find out who is running for county and state office.

We need to be out knocking on doors, making phone calls, sending donations, writing the media, etc. If everyone were to do this across the whole country in support of our amazing slate of 2016 candidates, we would start lighting liberty’s torch in a way our nation hasn’t seen in over 100 years.

The choice is yours, I cannot force you to help out candidates who are running, but I know that they need support. Do your part for everyone, not just the top ticket. There could be a future presidential candidate in that mix who will now have experience to run on. Those state legislators could run for Congress with records to run on.

Seize this opportunity and fight as if we didn’t have a top ticket doing as well as they are. Get those people into office!


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