41-NooO79mL._UX250_Darryl W. Perry, native of Birmingham, Alabama, is one of the several candidates running for the Libertarian Presidential nomination for 2016.  If I were to describe him in just a few words, he is part of the anarchist wing of the Libertarian Party.

He has been an activist for many years, his biography stating “most of his adult life.” He has long advocated for peace and liberty for all.

Overall, Mr. Perry is about as libertarian in philosophy as a person gets. In observation of his platform, he essentially wants to disband almost all government in its entirety, and only fund government through voluntary contributions. By every metric on his platform, he is the “smallest government” candidate available in the 2016 race. Each platform plank mentioned removes government restrictions, taxation, and forms of force and coercion currently allowed by government to enforce law.

The drawback to his platform is that it is, in my experience with the electorate, too time consuming to read through for the current climate where 30 second sound bites have been ruling the day.  While it is perfectly fine to elaborate positions, I have found it always best to limit a platform to 5-7 key themes that would run continuously throughout a campaign, with a section dedicated for those wanting to expand on those key points, or delve further into other positions.

So it is a mixed bag here where the platform presented is one that is 100% in line with principle, but could lose voter interest based on size.

When it comes to media appearance, Mr. Perry is no stranger.  He is a blog talk radio host, and is able to effectively communicate the libertarian positions quite eloquently. Ability to communicate is a huge plus for the Perry campaign, and out of the candidates currently running for the nomination, his speaking ability, in combination of sticking with a true message, puts him above the rest.  This is an area he truly shines.

The downside of his public appearances is that in today’s world, unfortunately, appearance does mean a lot to many people. While it certainly doesn’t bother me in the least bit, as DWP2016-logopolicy means far more to me than what a person looks like, the reality is that a lot of people want a leader to look good. So when the cameras come, I do feel that many voters would be turned off by his image.

Another downside is that Mr. Perry has not garnered as much higher level attention in the media. While he certainly advocates for liberty very well, he isn’t getting the kind of media attention that propels the American electorate. This is a major downfall in the campaign.  He definitely needs to step up a little more in moving to get covered in higher profile stories.

Another great point of the Perry campaign is the groundbreaking and historical suggestion for who he would like as his running mate: the first Muslim to be considered by a Presidential candidate, Mr. Will Coley.

Final analysis: Spot on with policy and philosophy, but lacking a pragmatic approach that will appeal to a broader audience not quite ready to fully embrace a government as limited as he (an many of us) wish for.

To learn more about Mr. Perry visit http://darrylwperry.com/. I do definitely agree with the vast majority of his positions and believe he is the most libertarian of the candidates.


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