I had promised to deliver an analysis of the Election20162016 Libertarian Presidential Candidates before the Convention in May. I will be releasing my findings one at a time, as many developments happened between when I first stated I would begin, and today.

There have been more candidates that stepped forward, several dropped out, debates have been occurring at various locations, including a live televised debate on the Stossel program. The myriad of changes had caused a pause in what I was trying to do earlier.

The order that has been chosen to have the candidates discussed is as follows:

  • Darryl Perry
  • Marc Allen Feldman
  • Austin Peterson
  • Gary Johnson
  • John McAfee
  • Shawna Sterling

While there are other candidates who have stepped forward for the Libertarian nomination, these are the ones who have put forth the most effort in the nomination process, and as such, I reserved the right to only put forth candidates who were active enough by my criteria to be included.

I would also like to thank the following candidates who have dropped out of the race since I began my evaluation process. Your contributions to the Party are well appreciated and I personally thank you for your continued dedication to liberty: Steve Kerbel, Cecil Ince, and Joy Waymire.

Expect the release of each evaluation at a minimum of one per day.


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