American-flagDear America,

I found myself up tonight, unable to sleep so I thought I’d take some time and let out some concerns I have of mine.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Craig Bowden. I’m not really anyone famous or popular.  I haven’t done anything terribly significant.  But I have tried to do the right thing throughout my life.  Living in a way I can be proud of.  I served as an infantryman in the Marine Corps for nearly eight years.  Once in the Marines, I saw some things that made my eyes open. I saw some things that needed fixing, so I wrote about them on blog sites and letters to the editor. I noticed politicians doing things that were questionable, so I wrote and called them.  I saw even more things that were going wrong in our country, so I ran for political office.

I’ve done a lot, and I have failed miserably in what I have tried to do.  Perhaps it’s the fact that I don’t have the prestige of Kim Kardashian’s butt.  Maybe I’m not as entertaining as the latest episode of the Voice or American Idol.  I know I can’t dance, so I definitely couldn’t get on So You Think You Can Dance, nor could I be one of the stars on Dancing with the stars.

I’m not an action hero on the silver screen. I’m not an NFL player that hits my significant other in an elevator.  I don’t get the media because I’m only me and all I do is tell the truth.  No crazy antics, just a scary truth that many people don’t want to hear and others have no idea exists.

We are failing as a country.  I used to think we were the best country in the world. I was wrong.  Boy was I wrong.  Chances are, you are wrong too if you still believe we’re the best in the world.

My first real look into everything was as a Marine in Iraq.  Seeing the full effect of U.S. interventionist policy.  You may have thought that we had good reason to go to war, I fell for it too.  Even defended it for a long time.  Being there was a little different though.  Seeing it with my own eyes as we became political pawns for the political elite.  Re-election posters and cannon fodder.  It tore me apart to know that I was only serving the industrial military complex and self serving politicians, and not the country I loved.

Later came the realization that the Democrats and Republicans were essentially the exact same party with little difference.  I’ll admit it.  I was born and raised in Utah with a fairly conservative upbringing.  I thought for sure I was Republican. Until I looked at their voting records.  So maybe, just maybe I was a Democrat.  Until I looked at theirs too.  It was strange.  Whenever the opposing party asked for something, the other side said no.  But when their guy or gal said it, they would push for it.

I have warned for so long about the two-party system.  In 2014, I watched just about every incumbent go right back to Washington, D.C. (and my home state of Utah as well).  Nearly everyone got re-elected to do the exact same thing that they have been doing since they first got elected (and for some of them, that’s decades).  Few woke up and realized. And if you voted for your guy or gal to go back….you’re part of the problem in this country.

I could go on for hours about the two-party system, but there is one other thing I want to address tonight: police and blind police support.

Why are you blindly supporting the police in America?  I have witnessed so many shootings and brutality cases cross my social media timelines, emails, and news.  And it seems that the comments are the same: just don’t resist.

Not one of you have the guts to say that some of the laws are stupid and shouldn’t be enforced.  No, you just think that it’s some “thug” being put in their place.  The person needs to fix their attitude toward the officer.

When did America become a country full of cowards?  According to your logic, the founders of this country should have just shut up and followed the orders of Great Britain.  There is a level of tyranny being enforced by these police officers.

You can’t grow your grass over a certain length.  You can’t buy a pack of cigarettes and sell them to others.  You can’t go around without a seat belt. Heaven forbid you say hello to someone that has been busted doing drugs, because if a cop sees it, you will be cornered and searched as if you did something.  If you pull out your phone to record what is happening, you may wind up in handcuffs yourself.

The list of stupidity in the law can go on forever, but it all really boils down to this: if there is no victim, there is no crime and if the state (be it federal, state, or local) tries to enforce these arbitrary laws through the police, they are committing aggression against you.  We fought a world war against that kind of tyranny.  It may be small now (cigarettes and seat belts) but what happens when it starts to increase like a frog boiling in water?

We’re about to boil, and you fine Americans are asleep at the helm. Actually defending this level of injustice.  Shame on you.  And shame on me for taking so long to wake up.

I hope you’re happy America. Someday it will be you. If you refuse to speak out today, who will speak out for you tomorrow?


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