American-flagAs the 2014 election starts to wind down, there are some pretty decent projects we have found in the works that are helping to change the face of politics in the future.  We have done some research and found a few newer groups and organizations out there that look like they are aimed at creating some much needed  change in America.

While this election isn’t quite over, we also want to start shifting into what will be happening in 2016.  It may seem like a long way off, but time flies.  So without further ado, here are the new organizations to pay attention to:

Marines as Members of Congress:  This group is actively searching for and attempting to recruit former serving members of the United States Marine Corps to run for political office.  This could be something pretty big if we can get the right people who believe in Honor, Courage, and Commitment.   Our country does need it. Check them out HERE.

Citizens for Police Reform: We have all been watching the news in Ferguson with the riots and many people have been alarmed at the response of law enforcement in some of the situations.  The heavy handed tactics have drawn criticism. There has also been a rise of videos circulating the internet of possible police brutality.  Finally, the shootings of unarmed subjects has drawn national attention.  There is a group trying to fight and change the way things are.  They are advocating for responsible reforms in police departments throughout the United States.  They state they aren’t anti-police, but pro-accountability.  Check them out HERE.

Veterans for Liberty-Utah: A new group based out of Utah is formed of military veterans seeking out responsible candidates to take the reigns of our nation and lead us back into prosperity, while still respecting our civil liberties.  They are working with the members of their communities to find the questions to ask candidates to see if they have a true north, and way to turn our nation around.  Check them out HERE.

Keep your eyes and ears open.  We want to keep everyone focused on returning our nation to new levels of prosperity and liberty.


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