Several third party candidates, including me, are on the ballot this November but are being excluded from participating in the debates, even though the debates are being held on tax payer funded venues like universities. Supporters feel that in order for true non-partisanship and voter education, ballot qualified candidates should be allowed to debate.

Please go to to send the debate commission a message you want third party voices heard.

You can sign the petition at

You can also join our Twitter and Facebook campaign by using hashtag #LetThemSpeak especially on their pages
@UtahDebateCom and

Let’s do this Utah!


2 thoughts on “Call to Action – Let Third Parties Debate

  1. I sent UDC this message:

    Third party debate contravenes free and open society. You know this, and you get away with third party censorship, because people aren’t yet paying attention to why you are doing this. You can control the election if you can manipulate the electorate. That’s charter policy NOT policy principled on our constitutional republic. It’s ALSO simple minded. That works for you, doesn’t it? Utah debate commission staffed by the simple minded.

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