article-2603026-1D0F67D100000578-703_634x411Many of us have formulated opinions on the case of the Bureau of Land Management and their handling of the Bundy case in Clark County, Nevada.  I’d like to share my perspective.  I will not be going into the past between the two, only the current situation that has rocked a nation.

My first observation was the fact that his cattle were being seized.  I’m sorry, but you cannot take another man’s property without due process of the law.  Had there been a legitimate warrant, the local sheriff would have been the one serving the papers, not a federal agency.

My second observation is that if this was really about turtles (as this is why the cattle are supposedly prohibited from grazing), then why was there heavy equipment assisting in the capture of the “trespassing” cows.  I’m sorry, but a backhoe is going to do far more damage to a habitat than a cow eating some brush.

Third, the video seen around the world shows a clearly oppressive group of “law enforcement” agents.  Who throws down a 56 year old woman, then tazers the person trying to assist her three times?  If this isn’t brutality, I’m not sure what is.  Not to mention the show of force with snipers, K9s, and as President Obama calls them, weapons of war.  Why does the BLM have access and need for such?  Clearly not to manage land.

The fourth observation would be the fact that over 3 million dollars were spent on this operation, which failed due to patriots responding to help the Bundy family, over a 1.3 million dollar debt.  That was your money wasted on this.  It shows the brilliance of our federal government: let’s spend almost 3 times what we need to collect, only, we won’t end up succeeding because people showed up to defend liberty.  I’m sorry, but this is how the federal government is. Maybe we need to let the illegals on the Southern Border start grazing down there and call them cows…maybe something will finally be done to seal the border.

The last observation I will make is this: there is only one 1st amendment zone.  It begins right after the Mexican border and ends at the Canadian one.  There is no way any federal agent is in the right by attempting to corral citizens.  We get to speak anywhere in this nation, as enshrined in our Constitution.

Those are some of the things I noticed, and frankly I only have one thing left to say:



3 thoughts on “Perspective on Bundy Ranch

  1. Good writing: however, the backdrop to this macabre event is federal interest in controlling land on which the property owner possess mineral resources. The federal government traded acre for acre with a Nevada property owner, both mutually benefiting from the deal, the latter moving forward with a development project to build another city North of Las Vegas. Allegedly, Bundy’s property was being set aside for fracking. He knew this, and he was in process of negotiating with BLM over his losses for the sole purpose of burying HIS collaboration so people wouldn’t connect him to corruption. The national hoopla was a part of this. Do you think people are going to be angry when they figure this out? I do. This makes NRA and Oath Keepers collaborators with federal interests. Not surprised though, really. As a politician you are hedging acknowledgement of this to preserve yourself from the destruction that surrounds people who can see through this web of deception. You write to a public that is largely naive and wishes to remain so.

    1. I honestly had no idea this was going on. If this was an effort to cover up things on his part, then he should be ashamed of such. Especially since there were people like myself willing to help. I can only go based off what I observe, and this is my observation. Unfortunately, I am no privy to information like the incumbent who remained silent through this.

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