ft_main1For a long time, the United States Government has been using force in order to ensure it can fund its various departments.  They literally use threats of jail, fines, and use law enforcement (in other words a gun) to ensure you are compliant on taxes.  I find this to be extremely wrong and morally unjustified.

The excuse I seem to hear the most often is that there is a “social contract” to take care of the less fortunate.  That it is good because some people wouldn’t help anyone out if it weren’t mandatory.  My question to present to them is this: how did the United States fund anything, even when it tried staying within the enumerated powers granted in the Constitution, until the early 1900s when the Income Tax was first established and made permanent?

I believe that you should be able to keep 100% of what you make.  You are the one who puts in the hard work, yet, even at the lowest, you still need to pay 10% of your wage as soon as you go over $435.00 on a two week paycheck.  So if you only make $770.00 a month, you have to give up a tenth of your earnings.

I have a solution, and that solution is the Fair Tax system.  Through the Fair Tax, you keep every dime you make.  No one takes anything from you.  There is no threat of jail or fines if you don’t file a paper on time. There are no armed agents ready to put a lien on your property.  You have your money free and clear.

The tax applies to the final point of purchase of an item.  So you only pay taxes on the money you spend.  If you choose to be frugal, you will save more of your hard earnings for things like retirement, emergencies, etc.  You have the control of how much you’ll pay at any given time.

This also would allow for the rich to still pay more, because naturally, as you make more money, you buy more things.  You spend more.  You get the more expensive items.  You can afford it.

I find the Fair Tax to be the best approach, and removes the threats of the IRS from your life.  This is something everyone could get behind, regardless of your ideology or political party.  Give the power back to the people.


2 thoughts on “Force is Not the Answer

  1. It sounds logical on the face of it, but the fact is that the less-affluent people would pay a higher percentage of their income on that sort of taxation system. Someone making 30K yearly would be taxed on almost 100% of his income, while the very wealthy would only be taxed on a tiny portion of his, because poorer people must spend all their money on essentials. Rich folks spend a pittance on essentials.

    1. If you go to http://www.FairTax.org, it addresses this issue. Also, many people complain of money being paid under the table, and hence, non taxable. This compensates for that problem, because everyone falls under the tax. So even people making money on less than reputable means (prostitution, drug dealing, etc.) and illegal immigrants, all would be paying for what they use. Everyone becomes a contributor.

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