American-flagI have been unable to sleep tonight, so I figured I would write.  I feel that writing sometimes can clear a lot of the clutter going on in my brain, and release the thoughts keeping me awake.  Consider it an open letter to the American people.

I have been campaigning for nearly a year now.  Reaching out to thousands of voters, not only in Utah, but across a nation.  I have talked to liberals, conservatives, and every party affiliation or lack thereof.  Everyone seems jaded by a politician or their preferred party.  Heaven knows I am in that boat as well.

I used to be a Republican myself.  That was until I saw a lot of what was wrong with the party.  The compromise, the back door deals, the fight for power or political positioning instead of doing what is right for the American people.  Call me old school, or just a dumb jarhead, but I believe in being direct.  I believe in meaning what you say, and saying what you mean.  I am tired of the political games the Democrats and Republicans have been playing, while the people suffer.

I want so badly to be able to serve, it’s something I have wanted since I was a child.  My job choices on growing up were always service oriented, and every job I have held was in a service capacity of one sort or another.  I don’t get why the people currently elected don’t work to serve the people.  It boggles my mind.

I’ve heard all the stories: greed, power, wealth, etc. for why they seem to be in office.  I just don’t get why it is so important for them to have those things.  I consider an office of public trust to be sacred, but I see the people who swore a similar oath to my own, spit upon the principles of that oath.  I guess that’s why I chose to run.  I’m tired of the oath breaking.  I’m tired of watching small business being crippled by stifling regulations.  I’m tired of cronyism.  I’m tired of not knowing if my kids will enjoy the freedoms I had as a child.

Our rights are being trampled on before our eyes, and both parties are stepping on them.  Both want to expand the government’s role, they just think they can do a better job of it.  They love their corporate donors and reward them with tax breaks, subsidies, and positions.  It’s sickening.

Where did honor go? Where is courage to do the right thing? Where is the commitment to the American people?

Is the disease of the nation’s capitol really that bad?  That even some of the best turn bad?  How is it possible that so many, with all the best intentions fail in their duties after a few years?

Call me a dreamer, but I want to see America thrive.  I want to see the dreams of our forefathers truly come to fruition.  We have the ability to do this, but only if we are willing to fight for it. Only if we truly want it.  Only if we get up and go for our dreams.

I may be reaching for the stars with my hopes of making it to the halls of Congress, but when you set a high standard, even if you don’t quite make it, you still land in a better place than you were before.

My experience campaigning has given me greater insight, depth, and understanding I would never have known.  Every person I meet trying to find a way to make a difference has given me hope. Each one carries a little spark of liberty’s dream, and together…they shine a light more magnificent than anything I have ever known.

I love this country so much, and it’s killing me watching the politicians destroy her.  Seeing many of you fighting helps me see hope.  Something I thought was lost long ago.

If we banded together, we would be an unstoppable force.  We must not forget the lessons history has taught us.  We cannot forget the principles of individual liberty.  We must hold self evident truths and spread them to others.  When we plant those seeds or sparks of liberty, and feed them, they will grow.  They will become the most magnificent thing the world has known.

We become free.


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