1174832_10151656005487971_300646792_nThere has been a lot of debate recently about whether or not to increase the minimum wage in the United States.  Many who work retail and fast food are considering it unfair they don’t receive higher wages.  I have a personal story to tell you about my time in the combat zone of Iraq.

As a Lance Corporal, deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, with 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, I made approximately $25,000 during my tour of duty.  This was over the course of seven months. To many, it may seem like quite a lot, but there is some truth that needs to be discussed in this.

As infantrymen, my brothers and I were on duty 24 hours a day.  We could be woken up, have our meals interrupted, hang up our phone calls to loved ones, all at a moment’s notice if a mission were on hand.

Because of this, if you factor in the math of what we made hourly, as Lance Corporals (the majority of my squad in Iraq), it ends up being just around $5.79 per hour.  This job is also one of the most dangerous, intense, and demanding jobs on the planet.

I am not complaining in the least. I loved my time in the Marine Corps, and wouldn’t change it for the world.  But it is time for these burger flippers and shelf stockers to realize that their job isn’t demanding, and you get paid for the skill level you have.  Before you complain about how unfair your part time job is, it is time to take an honest assessment and realize that there are those with a harder job getting paid almost two dollars less than you per hour, and with their job, life is on the line every day.

Just wanted to highlight a little perspective for those whining about how unfair your lives are.


One thought on “A Personal Story About Pay

  1. Hear, hear. I wish more people would realize these facts. I particularly appreciate your perspective as a veteran. Thank you for your service to our country.

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