1235103_456535014445115_898880304_nToday was an outstanding day for the campaign.  I met some truly amazing people at a town hall in Brigham City, and at a grass roots activists meeting in West Haven.

The town hall was one of my favorites, because I felt the questions were tough, but fair.  I prefer to be asked the tough questions and give my position on the issues, and Steve certainly asked some good questions.

Throughout the town hall, the main concerns were over the Affordable Care Act, the economy, the IRS, and Veterans issues.  I was able to give my ideas and convey them to a seemingly responsive audience.  The issue we discussed the most was the VA and how we can best serve the men and women who give up so much for us.

I was able to discuss my plans to use better technology and streamline the process for PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injuries (since those are the two most common).   I also got a recommendation from a voter, and it is one I would like to look into initiating.  It deals with having a VA liaison at hospitals to help coordinate care for veterans who cannot travel to a VA facility.  It would make it much easier on the veteran, and it is certainly something I would like to look into.

Later in the evening I gathered with the members of United Citizens Task Force in West Haven, and we discussed Common Core, and the dangerous curriculum we have been seeing pop up in other states.  While Utah hasn’t fully adopted Common Core, it is still good to know what to expect, so we can nip it in the bud and keep the trash out of our education system.

More important to me than the official question and answer portions of the two meetings today was the amount of personal time I got to talk to individual people.  There is a lot of concern in Northern Utah, and some very aware citizens.  Everyone I talked to is sharp on the issues, and weren’t afraid to ask a tough question.


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