upside-down-American-flag-2I have come to the conclusion that I am done for a while.  I am done fighting for a people unwilling to see the truth and unwilling to fight with me.  I am done carrying the torch for others.  At least for a while.

There is plenty of evidence to support my decision while I rethink, pray, and come to my final decision.

1. In 2012 I wrote a book called Common Sense: How to Restore America.  I wrote it to try and help give a road map to people to help make this a better place.  Since publishing, I have only sold about 20 copies.  That is out of the thousands of people who retweeted, posted, etc. about it.  They thought someone else should buy it, but not them.  I even marked it down to where there was almost nothing in it for me.  My overhead on each book was about 25 cents.  That was it.  Everything else was going to the production and printing of the book.  Only 20 people thought it was worth picking up and trying to help the cause.  20 people cared.

2. I declared that I was running for Congress in May this year.  Thousands of people sent out messages for others to help get my campaign funded.  A total of eight people donated anything at all.  The grand total of donations received was about $300.  That is it.  That is what my ideas were worth.  Even though people profess to believe in something I am trying to speak about, and fight for, because I believe in it too, they couldn’t even sign a petition for me to have ballot access in the election, let alone donate a dollar or two to help fund my campaign.

3. Every PAC, organization, etc. that I have approached for endorsements, funding, etc., claiming they want to support candidates that believe in fiscal responsibility, family values, smaller government, etc.  stated they would not support me because I was not Republican.  Even though my values match them 100%.  Even though I am stronger in ideals than the current Republican incumbent.  Even though I am not afraid to fight, because it was never about a political career, but doing the right dam thing regardless of how other members of Congress would be towards me.

4. The “support” for getting to the bottom of Benghazi at the one year anniversary amounted to just over 100 people showing up to rally.  My high estimate is 120 people joining together to support measures for a select committee.  For all the stuff posted on blogs, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc., when it came time for action, people decided to sit on their couches.

5. I have watched NO ONE support those who challenge the government.  Ron Paul lost the nomination, in spite of the fact he would have been far better in helping fix this mess.  Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were demonized for standing up against Obamacare by their own party (even though the members of their party campaigned against it too).

6. Chris Christie, one of the worst choices for President, is being declared the future of the GOP.  THE GOP IS DEAD! Because they aren’t willing to put out a candidate who’ll fight. They want moderation. They want soft colors.

7. People are still buying into the two party system.  REPUBLICANS AS A PARTY WANT BIG GOVERNMENT.  They just think they can run big government better than the Democrats.  They still want power and control.  They do not want to shrink the size and scope.  In spite of every campaign promise made (other than by a select few), who has actually tried to shrink the government? I can count them on my hands.  By continuing to buy into this, and not support the BEST candidates, I am losing faith and hope that this country can even be saved.

8. I watched my business fail. It failed because people stopped caring. People stopped fighting. They stay home.  They let lobbyists decide our laws instead of showing up to speak up.  (my business was a patriotic supply business).

9.  I have attended so many rallies, organized letter and call campaigns, and watched participation slip to almost NOTHING.  People do no seem to care.  They can’t be bothered.  They’d rather be 140 character warriors on Twitter.  They don’t want to do the WORK required to save the country.  And if they aren’t willing to fight, who is?

I have tried so hard to fight for everything I believe in.  I don’t think the United States even exists any more.  I fought for this nation. I bled for this nation, and I am watching the majority of its people not care that the walls are crumbling.  I watched my friends die while fighting for America, and the people don’t care.

They have their Starbucks, their McDonalds, their cable TV, so why bother doing anything when they have their creature comforts.  When this country collapses it is YOUR fault for not acting.

Let me tell you some things about me.

I stood up to the IRS.  I quit working there because they DO target conservatives politically.  I refused to be a part of the organization.  I resigned my post.  I gave up $16.73 per hour with benefits because I have principles.  And frankly, by continuing to work there, I would facilitate the further raping of the American people.  I went into poverty because I would rather be dirt poor and have my principles, than sell my soul.

I live off of disability from the VA at a whopping $1420 a month.  And it took me three years to even get approved on my claim.  I still work odd jobs that I am able to do, but the extra at best is a hundred or two a month over the VA.  But I still try to do something.  I could just throw in the towel and let the government pay for everything. Rent, food, medical, etc. for my family, but dammit, I don’t want to be in the system for having the government take care of me.

I poured hundreds of dollars of my own money into a campaign, because I believed in the sanctity of this nation.  I have forgone cable TV, date nights with my fiance, taking my kids to fun places like the zoo, and so much more to try and help a people that won’t even help themselves.  People who won’t put their principles on the line.

I am not saying I am better than others, but if you say you believe in something then by God act like it! And act on it! Don’t complain on Twitter or other social media sites when you won’t fight.

If you do actually read this blog, take this as a warining.  This country is failing and by not acting and getting behind people who are willing to do the right thing, you are damning us all to servitude.

I am taking stock to see if it is worth it for me to keep fighting. I am taking stock to see if it is worth running.  You have the opportunity to fix this.  You have the chance to show me I’m wrong.  The only option after we fail is to fight with arms, and that may be something we lose.  Because right now the fight is technically speaking, easy.  Once war happens, it is ugly, disgusting, and difficult.  Trust me. I’ve been.

This won’t be a war that can be ignored.  If we fail now, it will be on our doorsteps. Our children will see it with their own eyes as people are killed in their playgrounds and around their schools.  There will be no more Starbucks, Twitter, or cable. Hell, you won’t even have your rights any more.

This country maybe has three years left on the course we are taking.  That is it.  That is the best I can give it.  And it kills me to say it.  But I can’t ignore what is happening. I see the truth, and I see the lack of the fight in people who claim to be conservative.

Wake up.


One pissed of Marine Veteran tired of the BS from the government and people refusing to do anything about it.


4 thoughts on “I Am Done For a While

  1. I have been drafting an email to send out to majorly influential people on your behalf.
    I have been willing to help you hand out stuff but I never heard anything more from you.
    How could you expect people to follow you when you write posts like this one? Nobody wants a candidate that gives up or is done for a while. How much opposition and lack of support do you think other candidates in the past have received? Those people made it to office by never giving up. They made it to office by spending tons of their own money and never receiving a dime from supporters. People are willing to fight and follow, but they won’t follow someone who gives up so easy.
    Rethink your reason and motive. Imagine the possibilities of a positive attitude. I think if you work on that. People will soon follow.


    1. I have stayed positive. It isn’t just with the campaign I run. It is with so many others. Like in Virginia. Where a good candidate received no support and effectively allowed the Democrat to win. If the GOP would have gotten behind him, he likely would have won, because even without the support, it was close. It is because people are saying that RINOs like Chris Christie will be the candidate to oppose Hillary. It is seeing so little support for causes claimed that people care about. I have been on the front lines politically for around eighteen years. I have watched people not care at all.

      I have watched apathy consume the American people because they have their fun stuff and handouts. I ponder if it is worth fighting for, or just waiting until I can be more effective in a role as a leader with a real fight. Because that will happen if we fail.

      It is so much more than just people not donating. I could accept that if people were getting to the streets and filling town halls. I could see it if people would rally behind those who are actively fighting in the halls of our nation and state legislatures. But they aren’t. They are hoping someone else will fight the fight for them, instead of joining on the front lines.

      And I know that you have been willing Jac. I know. I have been hit and hit. My business went south, which dried up what I could put into my own campaign. I can’t fight it alone. The flyers, can’t even afford to print them. It fell flat the minute I didn’t get a single dime for what I do in October. I had to liquidate everything I had and took a huge loss on profit.

      I want so badly to fight, but when you rally and not one person shows up because they’d rather watch the BYU vs. Utah game, it crushes you. This is the attitude I am talking about in this country. A football game took more importance than people who stated they’d show in support and didn’t. My own family didn’t even show. That is the level I talk about. And it has happened to me repeatedly. Zero shows for events I have held to try and help educate people. Lift them up. Give them hope, and deliver the message that things can be better.

      It is much more than here. Even the Support Mike Lee rally, a great conservative, who stood on principle against all odds, fell flat. Several hundred showed, but there should have been every person against Obamacare present in the state. It was even a Saturday, so not as many worked. That crowd should have been tens of thousands. Even with Glenn Beck and other prominent radio show hosts promoting the rally, few answered the call.

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