wpid-congress.pngThe President has threatened to cut troop pay, social security payments, veterans benefits, etc. if he doesn’t get his way on the debt ceiling.

Let me show you some math on where money should be cut before EVER removing pay from those who need it most:

Presidential Salary: $400,000
Vice President Salary: $231,900
Rank and file Senators and Congressmen (x430): $174,000
Speaker of the House: $223,500
Senate & House Majority/Minority leaders (x4): $193,400
Chief Justice: $223,500
Supreme Court Justices (x8): $213,900
Homeland Security Czar: $172,400
Energy Czar: $172,200
Urban Affairs Czar: $158,000
Health Czar: $185,500

There are over 40 more czar positions I was unable to confirm. For math purposes, we’ll estimate that they are 150,000.

White House Staffer salary (only included cabinet/advisers) and I was only able to make it through half the list before having to take care of my kids: $14,810.170. Those are only advisers and cabinet level officials, and all range and 100k or more.

Just with that the grand total ends up being: $93,881,970 or nearly 100 MILLION DOLLARS.

Bear in mind I was only able to tabulate HALF of the presidential staff salary. I say that their pay goes before a single veteran or service member has to lose theirs.

And before you touch ONE SINGLE DIME of a disabled veteran, or enlisted service member, you get rid of the GENERALS’ pay first. They make almost 200k per year, while a private makes around 19k.

Go ahead and challenge me on my numbers too. I got the information from the CBO and White House websites.

This is not ok, and the president should be impeached if he refuses to pay our military, vets, or elderly.


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