Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki told lawmakers on Wednesday that millions of veterans, their dependents, or survivors relying on VA compensation and support will not receive their checks next month if the ongoing government shutdown stretches into late October.

“Effective 1 November, if we don’t resolve this, [disabled] veterans will not receive pension compensation,” Shinseki told the House Veterans Affairs Committee. “For veterans at school, their education checks, vocational rehab … There are 3.8 million veterans, and when you add their survivors, spouses and children, it’s over 5 million individuals involved.”

“I’m hoping the leadership of this committee will help us resolve it,” he said.

Shinseki said there was no ready plan on hand as there had not been a shutdown since 1995. At that time, VA and the Defense Department were exempted from the shutdown, officials said.

Since the Democrats in the White House and Senate want to keep playing games, our veterans will suffer. The Republicans tried compromising many times, but the President and Senate would have nothing to do with it.


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