wpid-PicsArt_1347912026461.jpgThis letter is from a mother of one of the Marines from the unit I served with in Iraq.  I ask that you please pass this along.  The government doesn’t seem to care about the men and women who served this nation.  The shutdown is causing real pain, and it’s time you heard a story about what is happening.  It is time Washington, D.C. get their act together and do what’s right.

The only disagreement is on the funding of Obamacare, let that debate happen another time, separately from this.  It wouldn’t cause harm to delay one year like the Republicans asked, but continuing to not negotiate like the Democrats have done is going to cause severe harm.  After you read, please share this.

Semper Fi,

Craig Bowden

Dear Mr. O’Reilly,
In May of 2010 my husband, son and I met you in person when we were attending the WWP Gala. We were in your studio and watched you as you were taping your show and then met with you personally afterwords.

To remind you, my son is a brain injured, paralyzed from the neck down, Iraq war veteran.

The reason I’m writing to you is because my son, one of the most severely injured Iraq war veterans will be without pay on November 1st if this ridiculous shut down continues. Not only will his pay stop I am betting my caregiver stipend will stop as well. My son didn’t get a free house. He has a house payment and other bills that come out of his disability pay.

I think we need to put a personal story and face on who is going to be impacted – our hero’s who sacrificed and lost ALMOST everything for their country.

My son cannot feed himself, bathe himself or even take care of his bathroom needs without either me or a certified nursing assistant turning him in his hospital bed at home.

Really? Is this how we treat an American, severely disabled vet and the family that cares for him? I’ve reached out to our Representative and Senator to try to put a personal perspective on this issue and now I’m reaching out to you.

My son will die in a nursing home. He needs his family and social support. Without his VA pay and my caregiver stipend I think that’s what will happen. I’m scared to death. My son is my only child and best friend. I’m thankful to God that we still have him but he will NOT survive in an institution!

He gave everything for his country (except his life, as he started emerging from his brain injured, vegetative state after 5 months). Without me at his bedside and advocating for him I know he would have died.

Now, why take away what little quality of life he has left? Everyone was up in arms about the death benefits but what about the one’s that thankfully survived but with catastrophic injuries? We as a country aren’t going to take care of them? It’s shameful to have to parade JT (John Thomas Doody) and his injuries to get America’s attention but I think it has to be done.

My husband and I lost everything – our careers, our homes, our investments – to relocate our family to Tampa to continue JT’s care under the supervision of the Doctors at James Haley. JT did not get a donated house…his mortgage payment comes out of his disability pay. As I said, if that stops, what happens to him? What happens to our family?

Chris Ott
Mother of John Thomas Doody


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