tattoos_and_piercingsWhile the practice of abortion is wide open and available on a walk-in basis in Washington, DC, the District’s government is considering a waiting period to decorate one’s body.

While tattoo artists are complaining that a proposed ordinance will damage their “walk-in” business, a spokeswoman for the DC Health Department says a 24-hour waiting period for tattoos or body piercings is necessary so people are in the “right frame of mind” and don’t regret their decision afterwards. The suggested waiting period is found among 65 pages of proposed regulations for tattoo parlors handed down recently by that department.

Would someone please care to tell me how the “my body, my choice” argument isn’t valid for a tattoo. Or how a right state of mind must be determined in order to get a tattoo, but not abort a child? This is hypocrisy at its finest, and unfortunately, many do not see it as being hypocritical.

Brad Mattes of Life Issues Institute sees a bit of hypocrisy in the proposed ordinance for the nation’s capital. Mattes “One of the main things is they don’t want people staggering into these places drunk or high on drugs or whatever and regretting their decision,” he explains. “But then I thought, Well, why not have a 24-hour waiting period for abortion? – because the ramifications of that decision are so much more severe than a tattoo or a piercing.”


4 thoughts on “Wait Period for Tattoos, Not Abortions

  1. Are you seriously comparing a medical procedure with getting a tattoo? Women don’t stagger drunkenly into abortion clinics wanting abortions on a whim. (Even if they did, the staff wouldn’t give it to them.) Abortion is a hard, difficult decision. Suggesting that it’s something as casual as a tattoo is really gross.

    1. My body, my choice. They have done this with formula feeding in New York, the ability to drink soda. Either choice exists or it doesn’t. Perhaps they should regulate a 24 hour waiting period before having sex. Since it can have some permanent effects, and you can do that drunk too, and wind up pregnant.

      The hypocrisy is staggering with these things. Choose whether choice exists or not. Is it my body, or not. There cannot be both ways. (And I don’t think anyone has died from getting a tattoo, but have from an abortion). Also keep in mind that a tattoo shop (at least any reputable one) will reject you getting one if you are intoxicated.

  2. Please also explain why, when my daughters were minors, they had to have my consent for ear piercings, but they could have abortions behind my back. I’ve been looking all over for someone who could answer that but I haven’t found anyone yet…

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