Protesters rally to protest against the U.S. government's response to the deaths of four Americans during an Islamist militant attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, in WashingtonWhile the numbers we wanted didn’t show up, I would have to say that overall, the rally for justice in Benghazi went well.  The speakers were all spot on with what they had to say, and the groups that did show up are definitely not the type that would be categorized as “sunshine patriots.”

Mitchel Mason, the organizer of the Patriots4America, the organization that put on the Justice for Benghazi rally, definitely did a great job at organizing some very great speakers, including Dan Bongino, Rob Maness, Todd Ceffaratti.

It was sad that not as many showed as were expected.  There was a lot of buzz from many on several social media and news agencies, with many people saying they were going to show up.  Unfortunately, the thousands that said they would show, ended up being closer to about a hundred or so.

Mitchell Mason attributed the lack of people to complacency, and I can verify this as well.  For all the talk I’ve received on Benghazi from my contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and emails, very few backed it up by showing up.  The worst part is that there are some followers on Twitter still advertising the event that happened two days ago.

It seems that for all the talk, there is little action in this country.

One highlight was the biker rally that stopped by for us.  There were a couple dozen that came by and thanked us for doing the rally.  There were also a lot that stated they wish they could have come, but they weren’t being allowed to park their bikes (and the police presence was large and ready to hand out citations).

So there is some truth to what many of the more left leaning blogs are saying about the rally.  We certainly fell short of the number that we estimated.  And it was lackluster in many of the attendees, including the fact that few would even join at the stage and preferred to stay near the walls instead.

The other positive note was the candlelight vigil that was held.  I am glad that happened to honor our nation.  We cannot forget attacks when they happen to Americans.


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