478315adc450a5b7cb8a035d6fe80f02House Speaker John Boehner said on 9/3/2013 he supports President Obama’s call for a military strike on Syria, as other congressional leaders joined in making the case for an attack — giving the plan a big boost ahead of a key hearing on Capitol Hill.  Let me go ahead and break this down:  1) There are no U.S. or security interests in Syria. 2) The side we would help is al Qaeda (Article 3, Section 3 on treason).  This is an act of treason, and asking our Armed Forces to commit acts of treason.

He has continually caved on debt ceiling increases, damaging the future of the United States.  He has voted for continuing resolutions with no budgets.  And he has not moved to support the defunding of Obamacare (a program that will kill our country).

Speaker Boehner is also a part of the Amnesty crowd.  Let’s not forget that he is also in favor of some infringements on our 2nd Amendment.

Essentially Boehner is a Democrat, but with an R attached to his name to appear conservative.  He is not.  He’s an oath breaker and must be defeated and removed.


One thought on “Outing Oath Breakers: John Boehner

  1. Boehner possess a noble look, but it fades when you listen to him speak. When that happens there’s a fitness issue with leadership. Americans are visually over dependent on how they make decisions, so Boehner will continue to impress LONG after he’s been discovered as a weed posing as a perennial. People haven’t evolved much in the last 2000 years, so were headed for yet another overwhelming domestic adjustment for a couple thousand more. I say this often> LEARN THE DUPLEX, game over. People WILL NOT do this. They do NOT wish to think, the consequence of which is their exploitation.

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