_60800916_jex_1430788_de27-1Without a declaration of war, congressional approval, or even a broad coalition of international allies, it appears Barack Hussein Obama is about to lead the U.S. into another war against the sovereign nation of Syria.

Engaging our military without congressional authorization clearly violates the separation of powers that is clearly outlined in the Constitution.

As an American citizen, I object to Obama’s reckless dismissal of the Constitution and the will of the people.

I have just added my name to a national “No War In Syria” petition opposing Obama’s efforts to bring America into a Middle East war.

With this petition, I am sending him and key leaders in Congress that I condemn any military action without securing congressional authority.

I urge you to join with me by clicking here::

http://grassfire.com/2013/08/Syria ?PID=40218584&ref_id=22581&NID=1

Take action now:

http://grassfire.com/2013/08/Syria ?PID=40218584&ref_id=22581&NID=1


2 thoughts on “Say NO! to Syria

  1. spoke to congressional aides this week – get this all faxes and petitions are sent to an independent facility to be photographed before being sent to the people they were intended to go to, they said it takes about 10 days for them to get their faxes and petitions which they get as an email- sounds like there can be some manipulating there
    if you have a email list tell all your people to call John Boehner (what we think of him is irelevent he is the one who will have the power to put this through or not)
    tell them to leave a message that if Stop Syria and start fighting for the american people and against Executive Authoritarianism or the Republican party will be over

    his number 202 225 0600

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