_60800916_jex_1430788_de27-1After lots of thought, and studying the issues, I feel now it is appropriate to make an official statement on the proposed military intervention in Syria.  To begin, my answer is that I cannot support our military being used in this conflict.

The first reason I cannot support a military strike in Syria is because the groups who are fighting Assad’s regime are backed by al Qaeda, the enemy of the United States.  I will enable the same group that killed thousands of Americans on September 11th, 2001 to have yet another stronghold in the middle east.  There is ample evidence to show the connection to al Qaeda, yet many who are speaking up in favor of supporting the rebel factions in Syria fail to mention this.

I couldn’t send troops into harms way to support factions that are currently killing our men and women in Afghanistan.  We are at war with these elements, and it is unconscionable that we would support al Qaeda in a different front.

There are also concerns about other country’s being involved in such a conflict.  Both Russia and China oppose us striking Syria, and Russia is allied with Syria.  At a minimum, they would be providing Syria with arms.  This is why the President isn’t going to the United Nations for action.  Both China and Russia sit on the Security Counsel and would veto going against Syria.

Another big issue is that there are no United States interests threatened.  While it is certainly upsetting that chemical weapons may have been used, and the civilian casualties have been high, there is no evidence that the government of Syria were the ones who used such weapons, and further more, there is no indication that those weapons would be used to inflict damage to the United States.

This is the same reasoning for invading Iraq in 2003, and it seems that the same players are the ones championing the WMD threat to our country.

The real threat to our nation would come from ourselves supporting radical Islamists in their efforts to overthrow the Assad regime.  Once another state is controlled by elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, all bets are off in the Middle East remaining stable.

We also finally, must look to the costs of military action in Syria.  First, the lives of our men and women.  They swore an oath to protect America, not foreign nations.  Their lives are priceless and should not be carelessly thrown into a conflict just so the President saves face.  Second, the economic price of war is not good. We are still in a stage of recovery coming out of Iraq, and Afghanistan is still ongoing.  There would be an additional strain placed on our economy, where we would eventually have to borrow even more money from foreign interests in order to sustain any combat operations.

One must also look at the stability in the region will directly impact the pocketbooks of the people here in the United States.  Already, the uncertainty of war has caused the price of a barrel of oil to jump to $106.  This will cause gas prices to rise.

There are many implications to going into combat with Syria, and none of the outcomes are good.  All possible outcomes would harm the United States.

Lastly, Israel is threatened by us taking action, as Iran has sworn war against them if we should attack.  We cannot carelessly abandon one of our only allies in the Middle East.


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