1_6-220In efforts to continue to tell you the necessity of voter ID laws, I have decided to write again about why they are so important.

Many on the left (mostly the Democrats) have said, that somehow, showing identification in order to vote would somehow keep the poor, minorities, and certain races from having the ability.

Attorney General Eric Holder has gone so far as to say that because it is a right to vote, no identification is needed (yet we do need an ID in order to utilize our second amendment rights, so his argument is flawed from the get go).

Yes it is a right to vote.  So long as you’re an American citizen, non felon, and are 18 years of age.  That is what we are asking.  Just to show you are who you claim to be, before casting a ballot in our nation’s elections.

Since identification is needed for so many things in America, it is not absurd to ask the people to show proof of identity.  There are ID requirements for banking, check cashing, alcohol/tobacco purchases, and applying for federal aid.

It seems to me that the argument is terribly flawed, and states should have the ability to pass laws requiring ID be shown.  And the Supreme Court agrees with me.



  1. Just total common sense, why don’t the Democrats start with we don’t need id’s to cash checks, LOL. The Democrats seem to win so much better with the no id law, that is the way it worked for them, so who do you suppose if any were the ones who cheated? I will never vote for a Democrat, they have show me who they are.

    1. It is sad that they cannot seem to grasp the common sense with such a proposal as voter identification. So many things need identity verification. Why not one of the most important duties you will participate as an American citizen?

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