In retaliation for backing the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi, Islamists have targeted upwards of 80 19396_IMG_13_1263220132Christian schools, churches and convents. Looting, arson, and the targeting of Christians for beatings and murder are now rampant.

This isn’t really all that surprising because the media outlets (at least in the main stream) are agenda-driven, not information or scoop or money or morality driven. They’re happy to assist President Obama & Al Sharpton manufacture a feeding frenzy out of a race hoax surrounding the fatal shooting of a black teenager in Florida. But only because there is plenty of political upside in that frenzy. The left thrive on racial division, love any excuse to push gun control, and know they need to distract from the failure of Obama’s economic policies.

When it comes to the persecution of Christians in Egypt, it is a totally different story.  There have been few (if any) reports given on the situation, as churches are burned and people murdered.

If Christians were attacking mosques in Egypt, you can bet it would be the biggest media story since a rodeo clown in Missouri dared mock “King” Obama.  It is high time that we start boycotting the media and their sponsors for their utter disregard for the truth.

Please also pray for the men and women facing this horror in Egypt. Ask that God protect them, and also bring to light what they are facing.  Since the media won’t do it, we must.


One thought on “The Media Downplays the Violence in Egypt

  1. I 🙏 for the persecuted Christians nightly. That they have strength from Jesus of the Holy Bible when in this horrific situation. I can not fathom being a parent and told to convert to Sharia Islam or my kids will be rapped and then I will be killed knowing my kids will be left orphaned. It makes me sick to my stomach. Yes, the world must know the truth. 🙏

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