Obamacare_NO_01_280x271The Obama administration released $67 million for Obamacare navigators (who have access to personal information) to explain how the new legislation works. But who exactly are these ‘navigators’? Apparently, Health and Human Services doesn’t really care who they are so long as they show people how to enroll in the new Obamacare system. Becoming a navigator only requires 20 hours of training with no background check or fingerprinting requirement. In other words, criminals can easily sign up to become navigators.

Now, a number of Attorneys General from across the country are sounding the alarm, pointing out that navigators with access to personal information will only expose millions of Americans to identity theft and fraud.

There is very little oversight in this program, and it seems that the Obama administration doesn’t really care.  This law needs to be defunded, delayed and then repealed.  Every time I hear about something new with this law, I am disgusted beyond belief.  There is recklessness, discrimination, and utter disregard for what the American people want.

Keep the pressure on representatives and Senators to get rid of this heinous atrocity.  Have them support Mike Lee in his efforts.


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