Obamacare_NO_01_280x271Planned Parenthood is the beneficiary now of even more federal funds than the $500 million it already receives annually from the federal government.

Estimates suggest 40,000 uninsured people live in Washington, D.C., but 100,000 need to sign up to qualify for an insurance exchange under ObamCare. So the government is providing grants, including to Planned Parenthood, to sign up the abortion business’s clients.

“This is just the latest installation of getting Planned Parenthood involved in running our national health care,” says Paul Rondeau of American Life League, noting that the pro-abortion organization spent $14 million to get Obama re-elected.

“Just about everything in Obamacare, in the Affordable Care Act, which Planned Parenthood proudly advertises they helped write, creates more customers, more revenue and more wreckage for Planned Parenthood,” Rondeau tells OneNewsNow.

Planned Parenthood will not only profit from $1 billion for abortions but also from free birth control coverage, ignoring the fact birth control has been linked to breast and cervical cancers.

“And yet we are pushing free contraception and free morning-after pills,” says Rondeau, “which is a megadose of the same artificial steroids that the World Health Organization has classified as a Class 1 carcinogen.”

– See more at: http://onenewsnow.com//pro-life/2013/08/21/federal-dollars-flow-to-planned-parenthood-to-trumpet-obamacare#.UhkJ89K1FAE


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