The Piratearian


Mr. President, I am a concerned American. I have never been involved in politics until recently.

I am horrified with the path you are taking America down.
Before when we elected Presidents it was understood that once the election was over the President would govern fairly for ALL people. Black, white, red, yellow. Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian.

You have changed all that. You promised hope and change, well we got the change but have little hope.

You claimed you would be transparent. Yet you spy on all Americans with the NSA and the IRS. You store our emails our phone calls, everything we do. “Just in case” you need it. 1000’s of your contractors have access to our information and are using it to promote your agenda. Then you send your minions out to lie to us.

Where has our freedom gone? Have you forgotten our Constitution?
You say you would…

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