first-amendment-on-scroll1I am to the point of beyond being livid with mainstream media, politicians, courts, and the infringements of rights that don’t agree with the progressive agenda.  Why is it ok for one side to speak how they wish in a public forum, but not ok for the more conservative ideologies to speak their mind?

I will give a really great example of the perversion of the first amendment, and you can be the judge.

Scott Lively, and evangelical pastor, recently spoke in a public forum against homosexual marriage.  A federal judge ruled that Pastor Lively was “aiding and abetting a crime against humanity.”  Simply for speaking his mind.  The ruling came as a result of a pro SSM group essentially suing him for what he freely spoke.  Bear in mind also that he was not only exercising his free speech, but also expressing his religion.  This ruling from a federal judge is ludicrous, because this man has a right to say what he believes.

Now, let’s go ahead and talk about what the progressive ideologies get away with (bear in mind they do have the right to express there thoughts, but you can see the hypocrisy):

1. Alcovy High School in Newton County, Georgia has displayed a sign that states “God is Dead.”

2. Members of the Armed Forces are now being subject to punishment for expressing their faith openly, but openly serving gays are now allowed to express their homosexuality.

These are just two examples of differing ideologies where one is supported and the other shunned by the government.  We either respect everyone’s rights, or there are none to begin with.  I have always said that your rights end where another’s begin.

So if the pastor isn’t killing people based on their sexual orientation, there is no reason he cannot voice his beliefs. No one is forcing anyone to listen, but it is coming to a point where we are being forced to remain silent in our ideals.  It is absurd, and there should be members of our government speaking out against such things.

We must have mutual respect in this country.


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