gender-neutral-bathroom-thmI am here to say right now that California has opened up Pandora’s Box when it comes to transgender students.

While I can see what they were intending in respecting the feelings of those who really do feel they were born in a body that is not theirs, I cannot see how in the hell it is feasible to allow students to self declare being transgendered and then choose which locker room and restroom they will use.

As a teenage boy, it was everyone’s dream as to the going on in the girl’s locker room.  I have to wonder how many of those boys suddenly decided they’d be girls to get a peek into the showers, changing areas, etc.

Mark my words, this kind of thing will end up with a girl getting raped.  That is what California has opened the door to.  There is no standard to prevent a teenage boy from deciding he just wants to use the other room.  And should he be deviant in any way, I fear for the girls.

When are we going to end the madness with these sorts of things?  It is not acceptable, and puts our youth at risk.  I worry for my country when I hear things like this.  We need God more than ever.

I believe that a more acceptable alternative that would make both sides of the argument more comfortable would be to have a separate locked bathroom (single user) that a transgender student can use.  I understand that they may feel uncomfortable using the bathroom based on the gender they were born, but you cannot force others to be uncomfortable.

Your rights end where another’s begin.  So if comfort is the issue, then you must ensure that students that aren’t transgender are accommodated as well.


5 thoughts on “Choose a Bathroom

  1. If I could send you a quarter, I would so you could buy a clue.

    “Mark my words, this kind of thing will end up with a girl getting raped.”
    This is the same ‘pervert in the bathroom’ scare tactic we have heard too many times. In case you didn’t know, there are many other school districts which have similar policies and there has been NO reported rapes or sexual assaults as a result. Also, to benefit from these laws, you must be diagnosed as being Transgender/Transsexual by a mental health professional. A boy simply cannot walk into school and announce they have decided to start wearing girls clothes and be called “Sue.” This supposed rash of boys in dresses invading girls locker rooms is preposterous at best and down right deceitful.

    While I seriously doubt you are interested in pointless little things like “facts”, maybe you should make a point of learning about people before you decided to lump them all together in your perverted fantasies.

    Oh, and one last little thing to think about. Odds are you or someone you know has been in a restroom at the same time as a Trans* person and never even knew it. I know your fixated on male to female Trans* people, but there are female to male as well… aren’t you terrified one of them is going to jump you at the urinal?

    1. 1. California is the first state that has passed this as a law, so your assertion that other schools allow it is preposterous at best. There are some states that have policies in public areas, but California is the first for schools, as a whole, throughout the whole state. One or two isolated schools is a different subject.

      2. “Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown announced that he had signed AB1266, which also will allow transgender kindergarten-through-12th grade students to choose whether they want to play boys’ or girls’ sports. The new law gives students the right “to participate in sex-segregated programs, activities and facilities” based on their self-perception

        and regardless of their birth gender.” Notice the self identify portion, not being tested.

        3. You also fail to back anything up with logic, but you did manage to result to attempting to somehow “dis” me on a personal level. As an adult, I am far more capable of defending myself. Children are not nearly as capable. What about a fifth grader versus a kindergartner? The odds kind of shift there don’t they?

        Now, while this may not be “mainstream” and by mainstream, affecting only about 2-4% of the population, I am going to have to go with having separate bathrooms. The sports issue, I don’t really care about. But separate locker rooms and restrooms should be the norm. You are entitled to think otherwise, but this also forces other students who don’t believe in the transgendered philosophy to be subjected to it. I’m sorry, but there could have been an office restroom set aside for students that identify as opposite gender. And that would ensure that their needs are met and there is no safety issue present.

      1. Okay, first of all, have you even read any information about Trans* children? If you had, you would know they are not going to be flashing anyone their privates. They hate those “extra” parts, don’t want them, don’t want to look at them or see them and they don’t anyone else to either. Also, despite their reproductive systems, the see themselves and think of themselves as girls, who happen to be different, not as boys. Only the adults seem unable to grasp this fact.

        While it is true some gender non conforming children do “grow out of it”, it is not generally the case of Transsexual children, which are the one who would be effected by this law. Also, while what you have read makes it seem as if all someone has to do is give lip service to being Trans* it is much more involved than that. It in fact requires a child to be presenting as the opposite sex full time. Doing this, they are almost assured of having been in counseling outside of the school system and that their parents, teachers, and school administration has been deeply involved prior to this being an issue.
        A good example is Coy Mathis who had been living full time as a girl, including going to school without issue for the better part of a year before anything was said or the school stepped in. (Against the advice of her parents and teachers as well as other students).
        You speak of older students preying on the younger, but just how many of these kids are going to be willing to go to school full time as girls? How many of them are going to put up with the consequences of doing so, simply to have a one time shot at molesting another child? Because you can bet on one thing, if there is ever any question of inappropriate behavior, a child is going to be removed from school, just as they would for any other such transgression.
        The interesting thing here is, it isn’t the children who are up in arms, it is the adults who seek to place their own fears onto others.
        I would mention the fact these same arguments have been raised time and again when society has experienced a ground swell of change. It happened when gays gained legal protection, it happened when blacks gained civil rights, it happened when women gain the right to vote. It is happening now and it will in the future. The question is, none of those things destroyed civilization and those who stood in the way are seen as being on the wrong side of history. Where will you be seen when this is written in the history books?

  2. When I was a teenager, nothing was more alluring than doing what was verboten. That included sneaking a peek into the girls’ locker room. (Curse me for being a bundle o’ hormones.)

    There may well be some “transgendered” people who can’t come to terms with their oh-so-terrible affliction, but I’ll bet you anything you want someone out there is planning to say he or she is “transgendered” just to make an excuse to go where they shouldn’t. Thank you, California, for enabling the freaks and weirdos once again.

    I also recall one of your other posts which repeats views I’ve held wherein one person’s rights end where another person’s space begins. The same should be applied here. Why inflict one kid’s views on the others when they might not agree?

    But I’ve noticed–and I’m sure you have, too–that tolerance, open-mindedness, and acceptance are the orders of the day, so long as you’re adhering to liberal groupthink.

    Keep posting. I’ll keep reading.

    1. You are 100% correct on the rights ending where another’s begin. That is one of the biggest things for me in the attempts not only to educate the American public, but also in much of what my platform contains in my run for the U.S. House. Special status is not equal rights under the law.

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