art.purple.heart.giIn this Marine’s opinion, the victims of the Ft. Hood shooting should be awarded the Purple Heart for injuries received.  There is a valid reason for this.

1. The shooter, Major Nadal Hasan, was working with members of Jihadi groups in planning the attack.

2. We are fighting these same elements overseas in Afghanistan right now.  The President is also initiating drone strikes on such elements in Pakistan and Yemen.

3. Major Hasan has admitted to the shooting as part of Jihad.

4. The Purple Heart is authorized to be given to members of the Armed Forces injured while in the line of duty when engaged by enemies of the United States.

It is time that those men and women got what they deserved.  This was a terror attack.  This was not some event of workplace violence.  We need to stand together and demand that the Department of Defense, Congress, and this President act and give the victims what they deserve.

Please sign the petition with this article asking our government to bestow this medal on the wounded and fallen from Ft. Hood.


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