clarifiesdecimatedSo President Obama is at it again.  In a press briefing, he stated a clarification on comments made while running for his second term, where Al Qaeda was on it’s heels and decimated.

He stated in the brief “When I said Al-Qaeda was on its heels, has been decimated. But what I also said was Al-Qaeda and other extremists had metastacized into regional groups that can pose significant dangers.”

So essentially, he has taken one large group of terrorists under unified and identifiable leadership and broken it up into hundreds of smaller groups that are harder to track and largely work independently of any command now.

Is no one else worried about this?  This president lied to the American people for votes, and we are at a greater risk now because he failed in his leadership role to keep the American people informed.  It is high time we get some honesty for once out of this White House. So much for an honest and transparent presidency that he promised repeatedly.



One thought on “Obama’s Clarification on Al Qaeda

  1. It is just like everything else he has done. Everything he touches turns to shiz and he did not decimate ALQ he just pissed them off and now it is worse than before. Nothing this man does helps this nation.

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