wpid-congress.pngHow do you feel about Obama and how do you feel about healthcare reform. Kirsten from Ogden.

I feel Obama was elected before he had any real experience for such a high level of office. To be frank, I believe he is either inept due to a lack of leadership experience, or some of what he’s done is intentional, knowing his policies would negatively impact the American people. Either option is bad.

The office of President is not one for on the job training. You need to have a high level of understanding, which Mr. Obama doesn’t have.

As for the healthcare reform, the part I like is getting rid of denying based on pre existing conditions. However, what was attempted with the Affordable Care Act is not good for the people of this country.

The first flaw is that it forces you to buy a certain product, and punishes you if you do not. That is far beyond the scope of the role of government. No where in our Constitution does it state that the federal government can force you to buy something.

Secondly, in our Constitution, all taxes must originate in the House of Representatives. This law originated in the Senate, and was ruled by the Supreme Court to be a tax (when it comes to the employer and individual mandates).

Third, the law was intended to ensure that those without health insurance would be able to obtain it. However, the Congressional Budget Office has projected that 30 million people would remain uninsured. That’s 10 million more than who were without in the first place.

Finally, it is not affordable for people or business. As a business owner, a very small one, I cannot hire full time employees without losing the ability to take care of my family. While it could be argued that big time CEOs could take the cut, this mandate on small business would put them under.

And unfortunately even the top level executives of major corporations aren’t going to take the cut, so people are moved to part time positions or eliminated all together. This also makes it difficult for part time employees to get hired on full time, because every business has begun to scrutinize every ful time position, only creating them if absolutely necessary for the viability of their company.


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