wpid-congress.pngDo you support the gold standard? What are your feelings on fiat currency? The NSA, FEMA and Homeland Security? Anonymous

Gold standard (or silver, platinum, etc.) I fully support. We should have a physical asset backing our dollar. You should be able to go into a bank and have something tangible that can be felt.

The current monetary system of the United States is impossible to maintain. This is due large in part that the Congress has no control over what the “Federal” Reserve chooses to magically create out of thin air, not to mention there is debt attached to monies printed by the Fed through interest rates that cannot be paid back.

On FEMA. I believe that disaster relief should be available to the American people. However, I also believe it would be better handled by a private organization. The government has proven its inefficiency time and time again, and it shows in events like Hurricane Sandy & Katrina.

In both cases FEMA ran out of food & water within the first two to three days, so private organizations and ordinary citizens stepped up to help. They were slow to get in, slow to act, and weren’t close to being prepared in spite of multi billion dollar budgeting.

One of two things must happen: either the government steps up, identifies the weakness in planning/leadership, & corrects the issues, or it needs to contract with private companies to run things more effectively.

That is the only thing I can see as being possible.

As per the National Security Agency, I would assume you are referring to their data mining and monitoring capability.

While surveillance is necessary in counter terrorism and national security measures, mass collection of the citizenry is a direct violation of their 4th amendment rights.

The 4th clearly states that people are to be secure in their persons and effects. Only searches and seizures, including a person’s information and communications must have a warrant issued upon probable cause with an oath of affirmation, and must state the specific place to be searched and what they are looking for.

So, problem one: mass data collection does not identify a suspected crime. Problem two: mass collection does not clearly define what is to be searched.

Even if this administration is honest about not watching all of us, which I seriously doubt due to flagrant lies, the inherent problem remains that a future administration could under such sweeping measures.

This kind of policy shakes the very foundation of liberty, and appears to be one of the many stepping stones on a pathway to a tyranny.

Now to DHS…there are so many things I could say about the massive amounts of rights infringements and failures of that department.

The way I see it is that a well intended organization has veered from its intent, and provides serious cause for concern.

They have defined many people as likely terrorists, even though there are no indication of such. Groups like the tea party, 9/12 Project, veterans, gun owners, etc. have fallen into such categories according to Homeland Security documentation.

Also, they have held little regard to border security in spite of reports that terror groups like Hamas and Hezbollah have been working with cartels and human traffickers (coyotes) to infiltrate our borders.

Until recently, the department has also been largely left with little oversight. Only now is Congress even beginning to question ammunition acquisition with nearly two billion rounds being purchased. Frightening because the Department of Homeland Security is a domestic enforcement agency.


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