Democrats would like you to think its either racist or somehow against people in poverty to pass voter identification laws. Any time it’s brought up, the Left demonizes such proposals, & unfortunately, many Republicans are to scared to fight back. So allow me to offer some common sense.

Here is a list of things that need ID in order to get or do. Guess these must all be racist and put the poor at a disadvantage too.

-Buy cigarettes
-Buy alcohol
-Pick up a prescription
-Cash a check
-Use a credit card
-Get a loan
-Drive a car
-Buy a home
-Enter a bar/club
-Join the military
-Buy a gun
-In some cases get a job
-Work for the federal government
-Go to college
-Apply for certain grants
-Open a bank account
-Get a library card
-Attend the Democrat National Convention
-Tour the White House
-Board a plane
-Gamble in Vegas
-Rent a vehicle
-Travel outside the United States
-Get a cigar
-Buy chewing tobacco

This list isn’t all inclusive. I am merely demonstrating that many areas require identification, so arguing race or demographics is ludicrous and easily defeated.

Fact is, we are in an age we need them in every state, especially when you find districts that have over 100% reporting (which happened a lot in 2012).

Proof of who you are should be required. Voter fraud happens and is on the rise.

This doesn’t require a new federal ID. Merely a state issued ID already required for the mentioned items already listed. No fuss, no extra money spent.


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