We have been in a fiscal crisis that isn’t going away, because Republicans and Democrats aren’t willing to cut programs like these.

They attempt to justify that the minutes are limited or they can use the phone for work searches. This can also be accomplished with a much less expensive land line in the home.

And while I do appreciate the sentiment behind the excuse, there is no checks to ensure the phones are being used for work search, especially with the removal of the work requirement in 2012.

This one program alone cost the taxpayers 2.2 billion dollars, and like any government program, it’s growing.

There is no “right” to a cell phone; there is no need for one either.

My position on this program is simple: I want people to find a job. If they are to use a government program, there will be a work search required. And lastly, it will not be a cell phone. You will get a less expensive land line. Once you get a job, you can get your cell phone like everyone else, and pay for it like we do.

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