The “President” said there were phony scandals and distractions….really? Really Mr. Obama?

Would you define 10,000 Mexicans killed by Fast & Furious gun running along with Agents Terry and Zapata as phony? Their deaths are real, caused by your Attorney General.

How about spying on every single American citizen with the NSA, which is a clear violation of the fourth Amendment?

Is it phony you had an American citizen killed with a drone along with his 16 year old son (also an American citizen)?

Can’t forget about Benghazi where you left 30 people to die and watched it unfold live via drone surveillance. Were the deaths of Doehrty, Smith, Woods, and Ambassador Stevens just phony ? Was denying air support phony? Ordering rescue attempts to stand down phony?

Is it not a fact that the IRS targeted your political opponents on hundreds of occasions?

Harassing the press by monitoring them? False warrants against Rosen?

No Mr. Obama. The only thing phony is you. You have done nothing but campaign your whole presidency. You have disobeyed the laws, taken vacations, blame others, and attempt to divide a nation.

You can go pound sand. Americans are waking up every day and we are livid. You have not presided. You will go down as the worst. Pack your bags now because you will not finish your second term. We are a tsunami, and we will have justice for the people.

2014 we will start the proceedings to have you removed!


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