syria-mapToday I heard the most disturbing news as of late.  It appears the United States is preparing for military involvement in the conflict of Syria.  I cannot support such actions of using our military in this conflict.

While I certainly recognize that Assad is not a good man based on the evidence I have seen, and believe he should not be in power, I do not believe it is the role of the United States to overthrow him.  And I certainly cannot condone aiding in several of the rebel factions due to their extremist involvement, including Al Qaeda.

The factions currently fighting Assad’s regime are the same factions we fought against in the war in Iraq, as well as Afghanistan.  It is the growing strength of the Muslim Brotherhood that is fighting for control of Syria, and it is not a side I am willing to take.

I am also not willing to have our young men and women drawn into another war we should not be a part of.  The United States military has lost so many lives over the last several years, and the human toll is too much.  Our ranks are stressed and pushed to the limit as it is.  I speak from experience.  If we add another war to our list of conflicts we are involved, our brave men and women will be pushed to their limits.  The lives that would be lost are not worth the risk, especially replacing one dictatorship with another.

Financially we cannot afford to add the cost to the debt either.  This will negatively impact our already strained economy.

All the proponents of military action need to take a step back and really look at the situation.  While I certainly feel for the innocent lives being lost in Syria, we cannot get into another drawn out conflict.  There is no interest or security threat in Syria to affect the United States.  We are also not responsible for being a buffer between two opposing forces.


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