First, I would like to say this was a tragedy. There was a young man who lost his life, and to the Martin family, I am very sorry and you will be in my prayers.

Now, from the time this event took place, I knew based on evidence I had seen, this was a case of self-defense. As time went on, it became more evident that the usual race baiting would be used to bring this to trial.

The media invented a new term: white Hispanic. That right off the get go shoes the racial bias of the case.

I am very glad that the jury in this case didn’t give into political pressure or fall into the race trap. Justice has been done.

Let’s hope that we can move on from the damage the media, political entities, & regular suspects (Sharpton/Jackson) have done. We are all American. We don’t see in color unless it is red, white, & blue.


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