Last night I attended the Man in the Moon, Glenn Beck’s production for the Fourth of July weekend. It was everything it had been built up to be, but there was more to it than just an entertaining show. I have been lost in thought the entire time. The end of the event posed the question on how our story of America ends.

For a long time, I’ve wondered how we can change what is going on. There is so much darkness in our world, and even the United States has fallen into shadows. Moral decay, lessened value of life, free things instead of freedom. Whole generations lost in the belief that government rule is best and self governance is no longer a reality.

We have fallen into an all to familiar cycle, where greed and power have corrupted the minds of men. So, I am left wondering what our future holds as a nation. What chapter will our generation write in the American story?

I want to believe that there is good remaining in our hearts and as a people, do the right thing. I know I haven’t been a perfect man, and there are miles left in things I must change. But I cannot be the only one looking to improve. Where are those who will march to liberty’s call?

I have chosen to take a few steps passed blogging to hopefully help turn the tide. Many know that I chose to run for Congress, but I cannot stop at just the attempt. I also am working on a book that will outline where we have gone wrong, and what we can do about it.

Our nation is in distress, and it will take each of us, working together, to illuminate the darkness clouding our country. We won’t be able to stand by or sit on the fence. We have to fight.

Inside all of us lies a spark. This spark can become a blaze if we are willing to ignite it. We can be the light others see and guide them to a world of liberty and prosperity. I see that as our course and I know we can do it.


2 thoughts on “Reflecting on America

  1. I agree of the people of this country do not wake up soon all of our liberties will be gone and this will be a communist country we are headed that way now.

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