There are literally billions of dollars of foreign aid being sent to countries that have radical regimes that persecute and murder people of Christian faith. This simply cannot be tolerated.

When we send money to any country’s government, they should have to pass a basic test. The country should have free elections, the country should have protections in place for free expression of thought, press, and religion. We must only stand with countries that have similar guarantees of liberty that we have.

This sort of policy is not good for what we as a people largely stand up for. The United States needs to be an example to the world, a beacon of hope. We must not support governments that allow persecution of any religion, race, creed, or gender.

I would ask you to pen a letter to your representatives and demand aid to such regimes cease immediately. Especially when it comes to countries under Sharia Law that allow nearly zero freedoms to the people. Please do this after reading these words. Be the example and stand true to principles.


4 thoughts on “Your Tax Dollars Support Murderous Regimes

  1. This is why we need people like you in office. Honest and willing to stand up for the people of America. God bless and best wishes!

  2. Possibly a simple typo……but did you mean to say Sharing law or Sharia law? What you say sounds like some of what is needed in Washington, but when mistakes like this are made, it drains credibility and the seriousness with which some will follow you.
    Tighten the screws and press on…….God Bless every righteous effort and give you strength for the fight!

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