It has recently come to my attention that the Obama family is off for vacation again in the near future. (bear in mind spring break was less than two months ago). This time they are headed to Africa. What is the price tag for the American taxpayers? It is estimated to cost between 60 and 100 million dollars.

This is outrageous. Those elected to govern on our behalf are supposed to serve the people. Not live lavishly on the sweat of our backs.

It is time for controls to be put in place to ensure this sort of extravagance doesn’t happen on the dime of taxpayers. In the middle of some of the worst economic conditions our country faces, this president has treated himself to a life of luxury, while the people suffer. He tells us sacrifices must be made. What has he sacrificed? Nothing.


4 thoughts on “The Obama Family is Beyond Out of Touch

  1. That is a polite way to put it….”…out of touch.”
    They really don’t give a damn…one way or the other.

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