As we know, there is currently a bill before the Senate, soon to likely be passed, that will grant legal status to more than 11 million illegal aliens in the United States. This has been said to be “common sense” and a “true bipartisan” effort. What the media and those pushing the bill won’t tell you are the ramifications if this is signed into law.

After a lot of research a few things need to be address so you know what the consequences are, and they should scare you. They should scare you because the change coming with this bill is the end of our republic in it’s entirety.

1) No border security is mandated to be completed with this bill. One of the reasons so many illegally are here is because the border isn’t secure. The bill passed that was supposed to ensure hundreds of miles of fencing still has not been completed. Out of the hundreds of miles, only about seventy eight have been put up.

2) This bill states that no benefits will be granted to the newly legal individuals. There are two outcomes I see from this. The first is that leading Democrats will demonize this portion saying it’s not fair for people here to be treated like that and they need equal protection under the law. So it will create millions more depending on daddy government to feed and house them. Raising our debt and deficit spending.

If this portion of the bill does stand, that outcome isn’t much better. Employers are all about the bottom line, how to maximize their profit margins. If benefits do not apply to the newly legal persons, they will be the ones hired for jobs. Why? Because provisions of “Obamacare,” the businesses would not be required to give medical benefits to their new hires if they are legalized under this immigration bill.

3) This bill creates an unprecedented security risk to the United States. Covered under this would include terror cells operating here in the country. They will have Constitutional protections. If an attack happens on US soil again, they will be protected by the Bill of Rights.

These are a few things I was able to pick out. I strongly urge you sign every petition to oppose this, write and call representatives, & get loud about it. We can’t allow this to pass.

Stand tall and be vocal patriots.


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