congressEvery day I watch my country slip farther away. What I was taught in school doesn’t exist anywhere but in our hearts now. I for one, will not give up.

I chose to run for this reason. And although my positions may not be popular in the media or in politics, it is the truth of what must happen to keep America the shining city on the hill.

I am not as well known. I’m not a millionaire. I am not connected to rich donors. I have not done anything of high merit. I’m no military hero. I have passed no laws.

But I am a man who cares about this country with every fiber of my being. I stand for what is right in spite of consequences. I served my nation honorably for seven years as a Marine. I have good ideas. And I’m not afraid to speak a hard truth, even if that means I won’t be liked.

If I don’t take my stand, and really fight, I fear everything I love will be gone before too long, and I will have to look my children in the eyes and tell them I didn’t speak up. That I failed because I didn’t fight. I cannot do that. I cannot face a future without liberty for my kids.

I ask you to look at what I stand for. I beg you to hear the truth of my words. Ask yourself if you can face your kids and grandkids, and tell them you didn’t stand.

If you read what I say. If you hear my message. If you don’t want our United States to fall as Rome, I ask you to stand with me. Stand and be counted. Have courage. Have faith. Have hope.

Stand up and I will stand with you.

Thank you and God bless.

Craig Bowden – Candidate for the US House of Representatives


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